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Salsa is a barn favorite!  He is 20 years old and is always friendly and easygoing.  You can usually find him roaming around the barn grazing.  Before Salsa came to Dusty boots he was a cutting horse.  He earned $23,000 in his 3-year-old year.  Shortly after that he sustained a bad leg injury that caused him to be retired.  We love Salsa and what he is teaching individuals for therapy and riding.


Otto has been at Dusty Boots since December of 2018.  He is always patient and kind.  He loves all the therapy toys, and will sometimes carry them around in his mouth.  Otto has done is all: been a show horse, participated in mounted shooting, been to the university of Findlay, and he even knows how to bow!  We are so thankful to Grace for trusting us with Otto.


Sugar came to us a year ago from Indiana.  She is a reserve world champion in ranch riding.  We love her for her smooth gaits for riding and Hippotherapy.  She is one of our older horses, at 21 years old.


Before living in Ohio with us, Lily lived in Kentucky.  Over the past year she has been able to teach riders how to walk, trot and lope.  She has done a great job at Special Olympics and YEDA events.


Previously a dressage horse, dozer came to us last year from Pennsylvania.  He has been in a few musicals at his old job, as well as taught young kids how to ride.  At Dusty Boots he is in the Hippotherapy rotation, as well as camps and riding lessons.  Even though he is big he has very smooth gaits.


Diesel has been at Dusty Boots from the start.  Since he is one of our laziest horses, you would never guess he was originally trained to be a racehorse!  Diesel will make your legs stronger as you ride him and really challenge your balance at the trot.  He is super cool because he has a brand on his hip and a lip tattoo!


Maycie is 15, and the queen of the barn.  She has gone to lots of shows for Special Olympics, YEDA, The Quarter Horse Congress, and Local shows.  She will help you figure out how to sit quiet in the saddle for a smooth ride.


Duke has only been on the farm since the summer of 2020.  He is small but mighty. He is participating in lessons and YEDA while he finishes his training.  Watch for him to become more popular!


Brody is one of our bigger horses.  He has graveled around and shown at lots of different shows.  He has a nice easy trot and a slow walk.  He lies to teach our Special Olympics athletes, help at camps and attend ladies night.


Nutmeg started her work at Dusty Boots in the spring of 2020. She has the smoothest jog of all the horses.  She is favorite for Hippotherapy as she is always quiet and calm.


Mickey is one of our few paint horses.  We love her size, color and smooth gaits.  She has only been at Dusty Boots since the fall of 2019 but she has participated in everything!


Elvis is our newest horse.  He is also our oldest horse, at 23 years old. He has a great personality and has a lot to teach everyone.  He is on the lazy side, so he makes you work hard.  He is happy to do whatever you ask of him.